Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Spring Days

Sarah realigning my Quarter mares Lassie's first rib
Sarah Doing a cranial sacral realignment
Well it's very busy around here and some winter horse hair is starting to fly finally. Picking it out of our teeth is not fun but glad to see this sign of spring.
Its very busy as we have human trainers here serving internships, saddle fitters learning just what it takes to build a saddle from the ground up. The horses are getting their spring work ups. Today and yesterday Sarah Odell Fredrickson from Bainbridge Island, WA worked on some physical issues on my 24 year old quarter mare Lassie from a kick she receive to the shoulder and head.
I've watched Sarah work her skill on so many horses and she is the best IMO, experienced in body work.
I'm cooking for lots of folks every night and no one has complained or gotten sick yet, horses are happy and doing their work beautifully and the students are looking very brain dead at the end of the day, so I take that as a great sign things are going well.
The added bonus with all this is my dogs are getting loads of extra treats and scratching from the added human population here at the ranch right now.
Life is busy, but so good too!