Monday, April 5, 2010

Sigmund has passed

It is sad news in that we are sharing one of our family members has left us.
Sigmund our Dachshund, although only 10 years old, ruptured a disc in his spine and became paralyzed in the hind legs. We gave him the last week hoping for a miracle in that we were advised may not happen with this kind of injury and common in this breed due to their inherent structure.
Many will remember him from visiting the ranch and for many years he was Dave's companion at his saddle fitting clinics. Sigmund loved to travel and being passed around from person to person at the clinics.
Sigmund was also a very important companion and friend in Dave's life during some very difficult and painful events in his life.
We will miss him immensely and life is once again changed but we know how lucky we were to have him and how much joy he brought.
Dachshunds create smiles and laughter and Sigmund did for us on a daily basis.