Monday, June 14, 2010

Real Horsewomen Rule!

Anna Holstermann of Germany just completing a flying counter canter
lead change on her amazing stallion TWH Ya Hoo's Coin.
The busy season has begun, the new addition this year is I am carrying a much better camera that I love using and am working at getting photos of every event this year to share. Links to the slide shows of each event can now be found on the Clinics Highlights page of my web site.
The Photo of Anna is special to me as so many have never experienced what was required to achieve in the youth Horsemanship classes of my youth and that was the execution of the counter canter, counter canter changes, and lead changes on a straight. Oh how we have reduced the standards of good horsemanship practices to accommodate egos and fears rather than advancement of our skill to be the best we can.
Before the clinic in Germany Anna was working on her counter canters and was what she wanted to work on with me while I was there, the signals required for departure and how to then do the flying changes.
Normally it would take a very long time for someone to learn this but for Anna who has grown up and lived the true lifestyle of learning, riding and running a truly successful ranch through her parents, it took less than a week to achieve this skill and do it beautifully in style and with grace on a TWH. I have never to date had someone learn it so quickly.
I believe I am her biggest fan and supporter, behind her parents of course. I see great things for this talented young horsewoman that has NOT marketed her way into the industry, She is NO "professional armature" as I call the players, but worked, and worked hard while doing so honestly in every sense of the word to be a true professional and a REAL horsewomen.
She has chosen a very difficult profession, not only in the labor of the work of a trainer, equine dentist, riding instructor and running a very busy breeding program but in what the human element will bring her in challenges. I am proud of her, yet feel sad for some of what she will be experiencing as well.
I hope her journey is easier than mine has been, and will do all I can to help that happen.