Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time Fly's!!

Baby Luke Little
Baby Luke Big!

7 years ago a client purchased a RMH mare and foal , Monica being the Mare and Luke, 2 months old and had them shipped directly to me from WV. I was to do a riding evaluation and tune up the mare and teach the foal all the baby basic of being touched all over, pick up hooves to clean, tie, halter, lead , etc.
As you can see Baby Luke and I spent much time smoozing it up and I always called him Baby Luke and he is the foal in my Structure videos running around and sniffing up the camera.
Such fond times and memories for me and he is a grandson of RMH Buddy Roe who I had the honor of riding in a halter and lead rope in KY at Carl and Wanda's so long ago now and Buddy Roe has long passed now but Luke brought back so many fond memories as a foal of special days spent in the KY mountains with special folks for me.
I did a clinic recently in Watkins MN and Broken Wheel Farm and one of the participants came up to me and said," I have a horse you may remember". Well upon seeing him I did not and his now owner Dianne told me who he was and the work I had done with him as a foal, my heart just melted for the now big horse I knew as Baby Luke.
When calling home that evening to let Dave know I had arrived safe and well, I told him of Baby Luke and he asked if he remembered me, as it's common most horses I teach do but was sad to tell him that Baby Luke did not.
The next day during a wonderful clinic and during our ground work session as always I pulled out my bottle of lavender to help relax and introduce myself to the horses in a positive way, a tool I have used for over 16 years now. Wow that turned on the light bulb for Baby Luke as at that moment he remembered me!! It was hard to keep him away from me !
To see him so happy, healthy and well with his owner Dianne who did all his saddle work her self and do a great job, while give her new home work to advance his skills such as lateral work. He loved the new work and took to it right off , with my self to be able to ride him and experience him as an adult horse was one of those highlights that sticks for ever. He will always be Baby Luke to me and have a place in my heart!