Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woodpile Gang having Identity Crisis!!

An old quote of mine is : Don't humanize your horse,
and your horse will not horselize you!

Another great Quote not mine most are familiar with is:
We fear what we do not know.

It has been my experience that not truly finding a complete understanding what a horse is and what drives it's whole being in instincts, emotions, its purpose known to a horse as a specie and defined as a horse would define it, to you a human may be very different than what we as human have defined it. More often we have defined the horse in terms we understand and can accept but one that horse does not know and thinks very differently than we do.
So often we in what we are get in the way of seeing the horse as it truly is, be it fear, ego, narcissism, jealousy, competition, power, the need for control, so many of the things that drive humans that horses dont understand but are the recipients of in the way we treat, train and interact with them.
When one really learns to understand as best we can in what a horse really is and needs to be, then at that time the door to finding true horsemanship in it's completeness can actually be achieved but this is also a path in looking into our selves and seeing our own weaknesses, yet also learning of our own strengths .
When we see this and learn to see the horse, it will know you see it and accept it for what it is, and work with in those parameters.
The horse will then hear you, and give to you in all it is capable of understanding.
So my Final quote today many have heard me say so many times over the years:
It's not about me, it's about we, you and your horse!

Now the Wood Pile Gang has a one question quiz to help all on their understanding of defining what things truly are!

Woodpile gang question:
What is the Woodpile Gang??????????????

Scroll down to Answer below:
A bunch of sticks in the MUD!!!!!


Liz Graves 2011