Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marshal as a pup

Just a bit more about Marshal as Dave and I received a poem written for him from a friend that knew him very well and always shared with him what ever she ate. Her dog Rosie was one of his friends that visited regularly.

Becky Voss and Marshal as a Pup
The Painting I did of Marshal when he was 2 years old
Titled "Pleading the Treat".

He’s gone now, that Grand Old Gent …
His bright eyes knew just what it meant
When you’d look at him sitting there
Hoping, hoping that you’d share
“Did you want some of these?”
Oh yes, yes I do, PLEASE?
His tail would thump with heartfelt glee
As if to say “You’ll share with me?”
Whatever tidbit he’d been favored
Was so appreciated and savored
Then nose and eyes upon the floor
He’d look and search for any more.
He was kind to all Life’s creatures
You could see it in his noble features
Maybe it was because his own life
Started out so filled with strife
Too tiny to live on his own
Little hope was there that he’d be grown
Into a beautiful Gordon Setter
Little hope that he’d get any better
It was just too hard to breathe
But God then gave him a reprieve
He’d heard the prayers so many gave
Hoping this precious life to save
So God sent an angel with hair of gold
And asked her Marshal’s life to hold
She accepted the challenge on that day
With all her heart (which is her way)
The years that passed flew on by
Too soon the time to say goodbye
The Grand Old Gent, with his kind heart
From his earthly bonds must part
But his spirit will always live
In the hearts of all of those who give
Care, compassion and love undying
To all God’s creatures who are trying
To live in harmony, peace and love
Until they return to Heaven Above.

Jane Greenwood 2009 ©

Marshal and Liz at the old Ranch in Clear Lake, MN

Marshal and Liz at School