Monday, February 16, 2009

To Have the Greatest Clients in the World!

Andrea and Her Fox totter Fancy
Here are some fun updated photos Andrea sent of herself and Fancy doing some work since they went home this summer when Fancy was started under saddle here at the ranch.
I wrote about Fancy's first ride last year in my blog.
Although a very nice note she sent I still as I have told Andrea before myself, it sure helps to produce quality work in a horse for a client when the client has also done their job. Then it's a success for the client, myself and the horse. It really has been wonderful since setting a higher standard and clarifying the responsibility on an owners part before bringing a horse in for work.
No more just "dump them off and go till pick up".
No more'"just put a band-aid on the horse fast and cheap" only to come in a year later to fix again.
No more "just do it" and "they better have 10 years worth of training in months, and make me look like a star, even if I cant ride and am scared to death of a horse,,just be sure they make me look good!"
You know that type wanting us produce miracles, that's what I pay for kind of people and they should in their minds not have to do any thing on their part to keep the horse going!
And if it does not happen like it should of course "it's all the trainer fault".
It is so great to have people that want to be a working part of their horses education and every scrap information you can give them so they can keep doing the consistent type of work when their horse goes home. They love to learn, and put it to practice and get better and better, in practical use, not just hear words and regurgitate them back a to everyone around them but never really learn how to do it themselves with their horse, just make it sound like they do.
I love the folks coming here now, the conversations we have, like today Jane and I working together on refinements in a horses education and what most people think that is but what it really is in the true sense for the horse. Working and using the gravity we live with to our advantage,controlling our bodies core to make this happen. Just hours and hours of that deeper place my self and they want to get to. Enjoying together the self discipline and dedication it takes on our own part to make all this happen, with work and put it all to practice.
Oh the hours that go by so fast and you never want to leave the barn but our brains and bodies wear out so we must at some point.

Hi Liz,

I sure will keep in touch with my Fancy adventures. I am so happy with her. I hadn't done a darn thing with her all winter till last weekend. I tacked her up in the barn aisle. She stood like a pro with a look of joy. We went into my little indoor to play and she went right to work like the day she left your farm. I am just tickled! I did a little bit of ground driving because the snow was sliding off the roof making a big crashing noise. She didn't even twitch, but I thought I'd be pushing my luck if I climbed on. Anyway, She was marvelous. If the snow if off the roof by this weekend, we will go for a little ride. The thing that I just can't get over is how much she enjoys being taught things. And how really attentive of a student she is. I don't know how you did it, but it just impresses me to no end!! I've brought home too many sore and sour youngsters from trainers I guess. WOW What a difference. Thank You!
Andrea and Fancy
Always fun for me to see also is when experienced folks, that understand and care also like Andrea has above, knows proper position of a good fitting saddle. Using her back rigging angled forward so the tree bars can function properly to distribute rider weight correctly, the back rigging is snug so it can function .
She's wearing her helmet even though years and year as an advanced rider. Great hands to nose band, as she can close her fingers to make contact if she needs to but only if she needs to, not maintaining a constant contact on a horse that is perceived as necessary at all times so often any more. Yet she has not thrown away her reins as called, she is ready to give hand to face communication as she needs to for Fancy.
She just gets it and puts it to use, it increases her success with her horse not only in Fancy's continued education but in safety for both of them.

Behind the scenes most of the time but her wonderful support is husband Leroy.