Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bubba communicating a response to something with my friend Viv.
Viv and I are also good at hanging off of ladders, scaffolding and trusses.
The things we get into!

Dave and Sammy Chatting

The Animals do Speak!
Yes they do in their way, it's just not in English.
It's up to us to step forward as their teachers and care givers be the good listeners and observers in what they are trying to tell us ,when things are good and when they are not.

Some Homework
If you truly want to get good and do the best for your horse while in turn actually doing the best for your self at the same time.
Some folks have to get past the evasion of doing the work and learning as much as we can about these creature we are asking to perform for us.
It amazes me constantly in that people are asking their horse to move and perform with no understanding of how a horses body works. What is reasonable, and what is not with in it's given limits of structure, nerve and muscle use abilities.

The horses do try, and often what an owner sees as good, is not in what it's doing to the horses body and in turn the effects on the mind as well.

Right now with the market in the shape it is, it's not the papers or breed that are going to sell or create value in your horses for the most part, it's the training. This is an industry full of rehab and unusable horses right now. The best papers in the world does not mean the horse is safe and/or sound partner for a human.

With a little work and education one can create value, a usable, sound,happy horse, it just take us, the folks out here to step up and all do our job and do it right.

Two very important pieces of educational material I can't stress enough of value to any horse owner that is ready to learn and understand how a horse can and can not do things with effect and the limits is reading the book" The Dynamic Horse" By Dr. Hilary Clayton. It's easy to understand and gives a great understanding of how the horse body works in performance and movement.

The other must have Media is the DVD "If Horses Could Speak"
by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann. If you care, you just cant afford not to watch this DVD to understand the effects of good riding application's and the effects of
some the new age trends that are not good for our horses.

Another great means of learning the abilities and limits of our horses is the full dissection class that a program called "Equinology" provides.

Taking up the challenge and learning around here, we take on with great relish and same with those we share the same passion of horses with us that come here.

It's always an adventure, fun, horses are better, healthier, live long and happier for it.



Bubba about 6 years ago once again having to do something different. This time by the look on his face says , "This is way more load than I'm used too, and I look ridiculous".