Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Master Leather Artist and Instructor
Carol Gehrman
Fun Times had by all at Leather Guild Workshop!
The local leather guild holds it monthly workshops here in Dave's shop. This month they had a special treat in which nationally renowned Master Leather Artist Carol Gehrman, with over 50 years experience was this months instructor.
Also known to Dave as his "Leather Momma". Carol was a one of the largest influences in Dave's life to becoming the Master Saddle Maker and Saddle Tree Designers of today. Carol took Dave on as a young teenager , teaching him the art, getting him active in the leather guilds, taking him to the leather shows to learn and compete with his own creations, in turn winning him some very prestigious awards for a such a young artist. Carol refers to Dave as her third son and the relationship is long lived, still close and deep after so many years.
The local guild has a membership of some very talented members which meet monthly to share each others skills in projects they are each working on and learning new skill and applications. It's quite an amazing group that truly enjoys each other and what they do together. It's a joy to watch this happening and the interactions of so much going on, a truly fun group of folks to be around.

A Sample of Carols Work
Carol is known for her work in creating all types of Jewelery all done in leather. Her coloring of the leather and creating 3-D effects in her designs are astounding.

A Traveling Display of Leather Jewelry Carol takes to Shows

Another traveling Display of Carols work

One of the Oak Leaf earring I Received from Dave for Valentines day Carol crafted.

Relaxing and chatting after dinner

We had 21 people in attendance with a potluck dinner and I thought there must have been enough food to feed the whole Minnesota National guard.
No one left hungry unless they wanted to.
Guild Members Working on Projects

Jane and Gary drying leather pieces for their projects. Gary is tall, Jane in not short! I Wrote that for you Jane!

Guild members Pastor Mark, Dave and Carol working on refining carving knife skills

Dave and His Son Will who was also in Attendance

And lastly, I must have been eating one of those homemade cookies I could not stay away from and Tony knows me to well and is in begging mode knowing he always gets what he wants.

This was such a fun event and to not be only around so many great leather artists, but so many of them are experienced horseman and horsewomen themselves. They also have several active youth members which makes it even more of a joy I can tell for the older members to share and work with.